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Chronicles of Governance: Kullu’s Administrative Symphony through the Ages

The pre-colonial administration of Kulu was broken up into provinces called waziris. A waziri was divided into ‘kothis’, each of which further had two to five subdivisions called ‘phatis’. And then depending on the population density, each ‘phati’ had up to twenty separate villages within it.

The Jagir of Laug [Lag Valley]

Jog Chand was under Mughal protection. Knowing about the annexation of Laug after his death, Dara Shikoh, in a farman dated AD 1657, ordered Jagat Singh to liberate the grandson and restore his rights, or suffer dire repercussions. Jagat Singh presumably ignored the warning because he was aware of the Mughal prince’s looming succession battles with his brother Aurangzeb.

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