Category: Temples

Basheshar Mahadev Temple, Bajaura (Kullu)

Basheshar Mahadev temple was built in the ninth century A.D., under the patronage of the Gurjara-Pratiharas. Probably Nagabhatta II or Bhoja was its builder. Likely, after the fall of Yasovarman’s house the last artists of his court seem to have found employment with those Pratiharas with whom a new phase of medieval art sets in Northern India and certainly the Bāsheśar Mahādeva temple is one of its most impressive proof.

Trilokinath Temple of Lahul

The temple features both Hindu and Buddhist elements, and its origins have long been a source of discussion among scholars. Some suggest that the temple was once a Hindu temple, while others affirm its Buddhist roots, based on art historical and architectural studies.

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